Ohio Connections student needed flexibility to pursue passion for dance and skating

Lillian started Ohio Connections Academy in 2015 as she entered the 5th grade. Her mother Shelley is only sorry they didn’t start earlier. Lillian was in the gifted student program at her local school. It was an excellent school district and she loved her gifted class. Unfortunately it only met once a week and she was often bored.

Attending a traditional school became even more difficult as Lillian’s schedule needed more flexibility. Since the age of 3, Lillian has been involved in ballet and each year she participates in the Dayton Ballet's children's cast of The Nutcracker. She also is a competitive figure skater and often travels to competitions in other states. Between dance and skating, she missed a lot of school. Even though she was supported by her teachers and was able to keep up with her coursework and maintain good grades, the local district informed the Connolly’s that she couldn’t miss any more school.

The Connolly’s found the solution at OCA. The online school not only had a gifted curriculum and lessons that challenge Lillian academically, it also offers a flexible schedule so she can continue her dancing and skating. Since the switch to OCA you can always find Lillian working on her lessons from hotel rooms, backstage of a theater or at the skating rink.

Shelley also believes because of the change, the Connolly’s get more family time together and know that Lillian is getting a good quality education. Lillian also has time to support a charity that is important to her. In May, she will be skating in a show called “Skate it Forward” to raise money for the Ronald McDonald house in Columbus.


Lillian Connolly